Animation studio Pixar has, since 1995, released a total of 16 feature films. Some have been excellent. Others have not.

For the purposes of science and posterity, then, here is a ranking of all 16 of those films. If your own beliefs do not align with these, I feel bad for you son.

16. Cars 2



15. Cars

14. Brave

13. Toy Story


12. A Bug’s Life

11. The Good Dinosaur


10. Monsters University

9. Inside Out

8. Up

7. Toy Story 2


6. Ratatouille


5. Wall-E

4. Finding Nemo


3. Monsters Inc.

2. The Incredibles

1. Toy Story 3


  • There are people in this world who will say “Oh, I actually think Ratatouille is the best Pixar movie”, because they want to be the person who says “Oh, I actually think Ratatouille” is the best Pixar movie”. Do not listen to these people.
  • Have you seen the original Toy Story recently? That movie is terrible. And the toys themselves are even worse. It should be called “Woody And His Jerk Friends Spend 82 Minutes Being Assholes To Each Other”.
  • “Up is so moving! How is it so low!” No, the first few minutes of Up are moving. The movie slides steadily downhill from there, to a place (geriatric duelling?) not even Russell can save us from.
  • The list doesn’t get messy until 12. Bug’s Life is forgettable, sure, but it’s still a fun movie about bugs. It’s only when you get to Toy Story, Brave (aka Sleep) and the Two Films Which Shall Not Be Named that you’re dealing with actual bad movies.
  • UPDATE - Updated in February 2016 to include The Good Dinosaur. Which, misleadingly, was not very good at all, laying its pathos on a little too thick.
  • UPDATE 2 - After intense internal debate in October 2016, Ratatouille has moved up to #6.

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